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Animal Concern Advice Line News 2019

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January 2019

January 17th 2019: We have asked Police Scotland to investigate the legality of the methods being used by SNH to kill and maim geese on Islay. More here:

January 16th 2019: John Robins was wearing his Save Our Seals Fund sou'wester just before Christmas. He wasn't very impressed by the RSPCA response regarding an extremely sick seal found on a Norfolk beach. He has now suggested to the RSPCA some simple ways they could greatly improve their services to animals in distress. Full details here:

January 11th 2019: ACAL have asked all Members of the Scottish Parliament to visit the ACAL website and view the damning evidence of the extreme cruelty of the Islay Goose Management Scheme. More here:

January 10th 2019: Animal Concern Advice Line has obtained new evidence showing the extreme cruelty involved in the Scottish Government funded Islay Goose Management programme. The official name for this cruelty is “crippling”. Full details here:

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