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Animal Concern Advice Line News 2018

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December 2018

December 28th 2018: For once John Robins has sent supporters some good news. Full details here:

December 17th 2018: John Robins has written to Supporters. You can read what he had to say here:

November 2018

November 30th 2018: Animal Concern Advice Line made a submission to the Scottish Government Consultation on the breeding and sale of pet cats, dogs and rabbits. Full details here:

November 24th 2018: John Robins has changed his tune about employing notorious American huntress Larysa Switlyk to show Scottish Government gunmen how to kill geese cleanly instead of crippling them. Now he wants her banned from ever shooting in Scotland again. Full details here:

November 9th 2018: ACAL has asked the Scottish Government to immediately stop the cruel and unnecessary goose cull on Islay. Full details here:

October 2018

October 30th 2018: John Robins has taken a different slant on the case of the Islay Trophy Hunter. He compares it with the Islay Goose Cull and accuses senior Government figures of gross hypocrisy. More here.

October 20th 2018: Following the opening of a new export route Animal Concern Advice Line has asked MSPs to take action to stop the live export of animals for finishing and slaughter. Full details here:

October 15th 2018: BBC Scotland TV have screened a special hour-long Landward documentary using some of the material from the recent research project by Scottish Salmon Watch which we were proud to have helped fund. For a limited period you can watch the documentary on the BBC Website here:

September 2018

September 24th 2018: We have written to all MSPs asking them to help put an end to the live export of animals from Scotland. Please read what we sent them and, if you live in Scotland, write to your MSPs and tell them you would like to know what, if anything, they are going to do to end this cruel trade. If you don't live in Scotland please write to the Scottish Government Minister with responsibility for animal welfare and ask her what she is doing to stop this shameful trade. Our e-mail to MSPs is here:

September 14th 2018: Animal Concern Advice Line, Animal Concern and Save Our Seals Fund provided backing to help Don Staniford of Scottish Salmon Watch do some research into welfare at some of the filthy floating factory fish farms which plague coastal waters around the West Coast and islands of Scotland. His findings did not surprise us but they might shock you and the Scottish politicians responsible for encouraging the massive expansion of the cruel, polluting environmental disaster called salmon farming. Don has posted details of his research on the web. Please have a look at what he found in the murky waters of salmon farming in Scotland and, if you live in Scotland, ask your MSPs to have a look too.
Here's a good starting point:

September 11th 2018: Early this morning we wrote to the CEO of P&O Ferries regarding Scottish farmers using P&O Ferries to take very young calves over to Ireland, from where they were transported all the way to Spain and Italy for fattening, Some ending up in horrific slaughterhouses in North Africa. See our e-mail to P & O Ferries in the previous article. Their most welcome reply can be found here:

September 11th 2018: Animal Concern Advice Line has made a plea to the Chief Executive of P&O Ferries, asking her to take action today to stop P&O Ferries carrying very young calves from Scotland to Ireland at the start of a long and cruel journey to eventually face a terrible death in abattoirs which would be illegal in Scotland. Full details here:

September 10th 2018: BBC 1 Scotland has produced a documentary exposing the cruel trade in new–born calves from Scotland to Spain and then on to Africa. We hope politicians will watch this programme and it will finally convince them that a ban on live exports is long overdue. Animal Concern Advice Line has asked supporters to contact their politicians and urge them to watch Disclosure — The Dark Side of Dairy. Full details here:

September 1st 2018: Animal Concern is extremely worried that post Brexit Britain will become a major exporter of meat and animals to markets demanding animals killed while fully conscious. Full details here:

July 2018

June 30th 2018: Save Our Seas: We have found an excellent but depressing resource on the damage we are doing to our oceans and the creatures that live in them. Check it out here:

June 2018

June 14th 2018: Robins is ranting again. Find out why over here:

April 2018

April 26th 2018: Disappointed with the Government response to our call for a ban on balloon and sky lantern releases John Robins has once again asked the Government to take action. Full details here:

March 2018

March 23rd 2018: Spring has sprung and sadly so has the growing problem of sheep racing. We have asked Telford and Wrekin Council to use existing legislation to stop daily sheep races at Hoo Farm Animal Kingdom. Read our submission to the Council here:

March 1st 2018: Animal Concern Advice Line has made a hard-hitting submission to the Scottish Government consultation on long overdue proposals to introduce legislation to set and police minimum standards for agencies and individuals involved in the rescue,rehabilitation, rehoming and provision of sanctuary for abandoned and injured animals. Read our submission in full here:

February 2018

February 6th 2018: Michael Gove, the Minister responsible for Animal Welfare at Westminster, has promised a consultation on introducing a ban on exporting live animals for slaughter. However Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Minister responsible for Agriculture, has attacked Mr. Gove for this excellent move to protect the welfare of animals. Animal Concern has asked Mr. Ewing to think again as his stance on this brings shame on Scotland. Full details here:

February 4th 2018: For nearly thirty years John Robins has been campaigning against mass balloon releases which litter the environment with dangerous shards of plastic. Now that a thirty second TV sequence from David Attenborough has brought the issue of marine pollution to the attention of the world John has asked both the Holyrood and Westminster Governments to ban balloon releases and the use of sky lanterns. The press release from ACAL explains the situation. Full details here:

January 2018

January 28th 2018: Animal Concern has made a submission to the Westminster consultation on animal sentience and sentencing for crimes against animals. He has asked supporters to make submissions too. Full details here:

January 09th 2018: John Robins wished supporters a belated Happy New Year, thanked them for helping to have wild animals banned from circuses in Scotland and explained why he hadn't been in touch for a couple of weeks. Full details here:

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