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Animal Concern Advice Line News 2021

Please note some documents are reproduced in plain text rather than in PDF format which would take up a great deal of memory when using a mobile device.

May 2021

May 13th 2021: The RSPCA didn't bother replying to the email Animal Concern sent them on 25th March regarding concerns about welfare conditions on salmon farms given the lucrative RSPCA Assured quality standard. In February the RSPCA revised their welfare standards for salmon farms. The new standards left our John Robins a bit more confused than usual as it appears the RSPCA are telling farmers they can break laws protecting seals. John thinks he must be wrong on this one but if the RSPCA fail to reply yet again we can only assume that something very fishy is going on. You can read John's email on the Animal Concern website here:

March 2021

March 25th 2021: With more and more evidence on cruelty and suffering inflicted on farmed salmon Animal Concern has once again asked the RSPCA to stop endorsing salmon farmed in Scotland. You can read Animal Concern's plea to the RSPCA here:

February 2021

February 26th 2021: Animal Concern just managed to beat the deadline and lodge a response to the Scottish Government consultation on live transport of animals. They made quite clear their total opposition to plans by the Scottish Government to allow live exports of animals to continue despite Westminster Government plans to ban them. You can read our submission on the Animal Concern website here:

February 24th 2021: Animal Concern has lobbied the Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee of the Scottish Parliament asking them to support an amendment put forward by Green MSP John Finnie who wants forthcoming new legislation to curb dog attacks on animals on farms to include rather than exclude hunting hounds. Animal Concern copied their message of support to Mr Finnie to all the MSPs on the Committee. You can read that message here:

February 7th 2021: Animal Concern has made a submission to the UK Government consultation on live transport of live animals. This includes a proposal to ban the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter. You can make a submission until February 25th. Read the Animal Concern submission and find the link to the consultation here:

February 5th 2021: Following their appeal to East Lothian Council to spare the Spott Road Pigeons (see below) Animal Concern has received a fairly positive response. It looks as though Animal Concern have been at least partially successful but the Council are still going to use netting and not metal grids. Not a good idea. You can read the Council statement here:

February 3rd 2021: A supporter asked Animal Concern to try and help her persuade East Lothian Council to spare the lives of any young pigeons found when a railway bridge in Dunbar is “pigeon proofed”. Having dealt with similar situations many times over the years Animal Concern gave the Council the benefits of their knowledge on the subject. It will be interesting to see how the Council responds. Find out more on the Animal Concern website here:

February 1st 2021: As a result of a campaign which Animal Concern was heavily involved in, the American Government has forced the Scottish Government to stop giving salmon farmers licences to shoot seals. However the US ruling does not compel the Scottish Government to enforce the new legislation. To try and redress the situational Animal Concern is offering a £5,000 reward for information leading to the first successful prosecution under the new law. Read more about it on the Animal Concern website here:

January 2021

January 28th 2021: On 22nd December Animal Concern asked Fergus Ewing why he had not warned the public of the health risks of eating escaped farmed salmon and why he was still referring to factory farmed salmon as “sustainable”. A term even the industry knows it cannot use. Animal Concern received a very worrying reply making excuses for not warning the public and for using a longer than four letter “S” word when referring to salmon from filthy floating factory farms. You can read his reply on the Animal Concern website here:

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