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Westminster Consultaion on Animal Sentience and Sentencing

January 28th 2018: Animal Concern has made a submission to the Westminster consultation on animal sentience and sentencing for crimes against animals. He has asked supporters to make submissions too.

To supporters of Animal Concern, Animal Concern Advice Line and Save Our Seals Fund.


There's another consultation ending on Wednesday 31/1/18. This one is for England and Wales and covers legally recognising animal sentience and increasing the maximum jail sentence for crimes against animals. Anyone can make a submission. Thankfully it won't take long to complete as the questionnaire is not misleading.

Follow this link to a pdf of the Animal Concern submission which took about three minutes to submit.

Have a read through it then please use it as guide when filling in your own submission. Please make a point of mentioning crustaceans - it is long overdue for legal recognition that crabs, lobsters, prawns etc can feel fear and pain. Also note my request that maximum jail sentences be increased from 6 months to 10 years instead of the suggested 5 years. Please also take note of my request regarding court bans on keeping animals. Current laws on this are very flawed and it needs better clarification

Feel free to forward this to likeminded contacts.



The link to use is: