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Scottish Government Spending £1m a year on extremely cruel Islay goose cull

To all MSPs.

Dear Member of the Scottish Parliament,

Many of you will be receiving communications from your constituents about this and, rather than listen to the nonsense being put out by Scottish Natural Heritage who deny the very obvious suffering they are causing, you should view our video evidence before making any comment.

SNH openly accept that 10% of the shot geese are “crippled” rather than cleanly killed. To accept that any birds will be crippled is bad enough but our evidence shows the figure to be at least six times higher than SNH claim.

Once you have viewed the video evidence I am sure you will be as astonished as I was to read the quote from SNH on The Ferret website:

“Goose management on Islay is carried out in the most humane way possible with the aim of reducing the significant level of agricultural damage caused by grazing geese and maintaining the population of barnacle geese at close to the current level of around 30,000,” said an SNH spokeswoman. “We have had these videos reviewed by an independent shooting expert who has confirmed that our skilled marksmen are following best practice in carrying out their role.”

I think it is time for the SNH “independent shooting expert” to swap their gun dog for a guide dog.

Please view the evidence and ask questions of the Government Ministers responsible for this cruel carnage which should be stopped immediately.

We also need a full and open review of SNH which has an outdated culling culture at its very core. Sadly figures are not kept but I would not be surprised if well over two hundred thousand native animals and birds, including those with dependent young, are killed under SNH license every year.

Kind regards,

John F. Robins,
Animal Concern Advice Line